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Innovative, custom fit car privacy shades. Tailor made for every single model of the car.


TROKOT™ Car Window Shades are comfortable, practical and most importantly – a legally permitted alternative to tinted windows. They are tailor made for all models of the cars and their window requirements. Every Shade ideally matches the shape of car’s window.  The TROKOT Shades increase the comfort of driving especially in the summer time, reduce the level of heating inside the car and also limit the visibility of the cabin from outside.

Thanks to the magnetic fittings, the Shades can be easily install and remove if needed. Unlike the window tinting, TROKOT™ window screens are not a permanent fixture to the car so they can be fitted also on front side windows.  

The production of shades is carried out with the use of a special mesh material which does not let in the UV rays but allows to keep full visibility with an optimal light transmission mode at the level of 75-80%.  Each Shades has a durable frame made from quality rubber. In addition, the TROKOT sun blinds do not interfere with raising / lowering the windows. You can safely drive up to 60 mph with open windows and the Shades will stay at the same place reducing the level of the draft and preventing insects from getting into the car.

TROKOT is a modern sun shade solution for those who look for a decent sun blinds other than cheap roller or suction cup blinds. 

The Shades can be fitted on all windows in a car:

– Front side windows

– Rear windows

– Rear windscreen


Every TROKOT window shade has high strength magnets located along the shade frame ( usually 4 magnets per shade). The shade is supplied with required amount of metal clips with strong 3M VHB adhesive straps. The clips are adhered to the car’s window frame in the place where they join to the magnets located on the shade’s frame. 

In some models of the cars instead of adhered metal clips it is possible to use clips that hook behind the window seal. 

Both ways of fitting are easy and safe and do not cause any damage to car’s window frame.