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Innovative, custom fit car privacy shades. Tailor made for every single model of the car.

At the moment we offer custom fit window shades for over 1300 models of the cars. We guarantee that the curtains we supply are ideal for your car if you correctly indicated the model while placing your order. All shades are custom fit, there is no such things as universal window screen as all cars’ windows are different. We produce car magnetic blinds for all specific models of cars.
If you can not find your car in the product searcher please contact us with your car’s detalis- we will do our best to cover your needs. Our car list is constantly being updated with new models. 

It’s been a long and difficult process to develop and select the best materials for the production of our snap shades. Our task was to do something that would be durable, practical, wear-resistant and attractive in appearance.
As a result, the mesh material our screens are made of is a high quality heat and sag resistant polyester. The material does not fade in the sun and keeps the same level of elasticity. The frame of the shade is made from steel and fully rubberised against  corrosion. The rubber frame also makes our product safe for all passengers especially the little ones.  

If for some reason you are not happy with TROKOT product we supplied you can always return it to us. If the product was delivered damaged or broken it is necessary to let us know as soon as possible. All unwanted orders should be returned within 30 days from the date of its purchase. We will refund the purchase price to you in full. Shipping costs for sending by mail or delivery services are not compensated. 
All TROKOT products come with 3 years guarantee.

We receive a lot of questions asking if TROKOT privacy shades are legal on the front side windows of any vehicle.

The UK’s law and regulation about front window tinting state that the front side windows must let at least 70% of light through.  TROKOT privacy shades provide an optimal light transmittance of the level of 75%-80% and fully comply with all applicable standards and requirements for tinting and the level of light transmission in the interior.

TROKOT privacy shades do not touch the windows, therefore they cannot be considered as objects mounted on windows.
Also, our privacy shades are manufactured as protective screens, designed to limit the level of dust, debris and insects getting into the cabin.

 It is important to remember that the personal eyesight conditions should always be considered.

The shades are fitted with magnets and can be easily removed so they cannot be treated as a modification to the car such as tinting, fixed curtains or stickers. You can take them off whenever you need e.g. when driving at night. Also, before your car is due an MOT test the privacy shades can be taken off within seconds.

Our car blinds are a great alternative to window tinting. In particular, they not only effectively protect the interior of the car from the sun when the windows are completely closed, but also when they are open. The shades ensure full ventilation of the cabin and at the same time protection from getting inside debris and insects, as well as most of the dust.
You can easily fit the TROKOT shades yourself and take them off if needed. You may not want to keep your interior dark while driving at night or in the winter time. Simply take off the shades and keep them in the boot to reinstall when you wish.


TROKOT car blinds are designed to keep the visibility similar to what you get with tinted windows. However, unlike tinting, we offer various types of curtains that improve visibility and make their use even more comfortable. In particular, we produce blinds with special cutouts for unobstructed viewing of the side mirrors. In addition, there are models for smokers on sale, with a hole through which you can stick a cigarette out.  When the TROKOT shades are installed on the side windows you are still able to see your side mirror thanks to the  cell mesh material the shades are made of.